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About Us


The studio was designed with collaborative live music recording as our primary objective. We have created a comfortable creative environment that allows us to encourage and capture the magic of musicians playing together, in a fabulous-sounding room with great equipment ranging from vintage instruments to the latest digital technology.

Since our opening in 2002, our primary focus has been music recording and production, artist development and songwriting. We operate as a private facility working on projects that utilize our particular expertise or capabilities, most often within our growing network of contacts but also by referral. We are open to new projects subject to preliminary qualifying discussions. Arrangements can be made to get more information, discuss new projects or visit the facility by first contacting us via email.

Check out our Studio Showcase article in the August 2004 issue of Pro Sound News.

Rob, George and John

(l-r) Rob Hyman, George Augspurger, John O. Senior




The control room, main studio room and five isolation rooms as well as the main monitor system were designed by veteran studio architect and acoustical consultant George Augspurger. Signal cabling, connector panels and patch bays were fabricated and installed by Dennis DeCamillo of Q Cables. Construction services were provided by general contractor by L.K. Miller under the supervision of Tom Budine and construction foreman Vinnie Fazio. Electrical contracting services were provided by Mark Messa of Cherry Hill Electric. Equipment was provided by George Hajioannou at Studio Logic Sound, Mike Nehra at Vintage King Audio, Domenic Troilo at Medley Music, Guitar Center and others. Special thanks to Drum Workshop and Zildjian for assisting us with the fantastic drum set and cymbal collection. Extra special thanks for their generous advice to William Wittman, Paul Prestopino, Ted Greenberg, Stewart Lerman, Dave Darlington and all the others who helped us along the way.

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